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               Some years ago I was asked, during a spell as Music Lecturer at Marjon, Plymouth, to run a course on Westcountry Folksong for some visitors from the USA on a cultural adventure known as `Elderstudy`.

Finding little recorded Cornish material beyond Brenda Wotton`s at that time (how times have changed!) I had to create my own resource to illustrate the lectures more fully - and save my voice. Using frequent multi-tracking, I quickly recorded about 60 songs from Cornwall and Devon that I already knew or could learn and arrange in a few hours.

Being in a hurry (and having no friends prepared to work all night) I had to sing, play AND engineer the recordings myself, scuttling between microphone and mixer with various instruments hung about me. It was actually great fun.


As many of my USA `students` then offered to buy copies of the songs on cassette, I felt encouraged to publish the collection soon afterwards, aiming at the resource and souvenir market. The cassette album sold steadily for some years; the original Cornish tracks have now been transferred to this CD.

The Devon songs are also available on CD



Ian Marshall has been making music in Cornwall ever since moving to Looe in 1963 with his wife and four children, performing and arranging folk music, playing (cello, cornet, percussion) in several local bands and orchestras, and conducting operas and musicals for Liskeard Operatic, Tavistock Operatic and Plymouth Carmenians Societies. He currently conducts and arranges music for a 40-strong group of singers from Perranporth, THE PERRANERS.

Retiring from school music teaching, Ian fulfilled a desire to do `something macho` by qualifying as a Windsurfing Instructor, and taught the sport for a while, later setting up the advertising resource `AddBoardsPR`.

 In 2003 Ian published
"The Amazing Story of
an 80-page fully illustrated book of interest to all who love Cornish music.

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